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Client Spotlight with Women's Care from Mansfield, Ohio, featuring their favorite new individual and group headshots.

Women's Care of Mansfield

Women’s Care contacted us because they are in the process of updating billboards and other marketing materials. Naturally, new headshots would be a perfect way to get some new interaction with people who might have been used to seeing previous headshots.

They really wanted to get individual headshots of each provider, along with a few group shots so they’d have some flexibility with their final images.

Billboard mockup showcasing new group headshots at Women's Care in Mansfield Ohio

One thing that many photographers and businesses typically overlook is also building in flexibility for the long term.

For instance, short-term flexibility allows the client to have options when it comes to the arrangements of the people in the photos and options for their advertising purposes.

Long-term flexibility is thinking ahead for personnel adjustments within the organization. For example, Women’s Care might add more practitioners into the mix, or someone may take another opportunity elsewhere in the future.

If we’re thinking about long-term flexibility, we want to make it so easy for Women’s Care to be able to replace their marketing images should practitioners ever change.

The Simple Solution to Future-Proof Group Headshots

To accomplish this feat, we simply shoot a variety of poses for each individual on the team, create a cutout of each team member, then Photoshop them together into a group photo. It’s a process called composite photos, which gives us plenty of options to work with for the team photos.

So again, thinking for the future, if Women’s Care ever adds a new practitioner, we can photograph just that one person and adjust the group photo to include this new individual. This makes life so much easier on the business, because we don’t have to try and sort through multiple calendars to complete a completely new set of group photos. We just need to coordinate with one person and magically get an updated group photo! 🙂 This is a major win for busy schedules.

We Took A Photo Studio Setup to Women’s Care

To keep things easier for the client’s schedules, we took our studio to them… sort of! We have the ability to take backdrops and lighting equipment on-location, which is what we did in this case. We simply set up shop on-site so the client didn’t need to worry about running multiple people up to Ashland and extend the time away from their office.

Check Out A Few Of Women's Care’s Favorite New Corporate and Group Headshots

Group headshot of all practitioners at Women's Care in Mansfield Ohio
Composite group headshot of doctors at Women's Care in Mansfield, Ohio
Group headshot of Nurse Practitioners at Women's Care
Dr. Elizabeth S. Chung, M.D. at Women's Care in Mansfield, Ohio
Elizabeth S. Chung M.D.
Alyssa R. Sickle M.D. at Women's Care
Alyssa R. Sickle M.D.
Professional Headshot of Edroy L. McMillan M.D. at Women's Care
Edroy L. McMillan M.D.
Professional headshot of Allison M. Pruett M.D. at Women's Care
Allison M. Pruett M.D.
Business Headshot of Michael J. Subit M.D. from Women's Care in Mansfield
Michael J. Subit M.D.
New headshot for Jamie Skaggs C.N.P. of Women's Care in Mansfield Ohio
Jamie Skaggs C.N.P.
Professional headshot of Natalie J. Gailey C.N.P.
Natalie J. Gailey C.N.P.

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