Newborn Photos: Prop Ideas with Memorabilia

Including memorabilia props in your infant’s newborn photos is such a fun touch. Get several ideas and tips on how to make it work in your session.

Thinking of creative ideas for your newborn session? Never fear - your ideas are welcome here! It’s always fun to build something totally unique to you into your photos. Props are obviously a huge part of what makes these photos meaningful to your family.

newborn photo with various children's props

Even if you haven’t landed on any specific ideas for your newborn photos yet, don’t sweat it - this post should help spark some creative ideas in your head.

Make Your Newborn Photo Session Extra Special

One thing that always makes a newborn session special is when you include props unique to you or your family. This could literally be anything, but just to get your brain rolling…

Fun Outfits For Your Babe

We’ve seen special outfits like hand-knit hats, clothes you wore during your own infancy, or a special outfit someone gifted.

newborn photo with handmade turtle outfit
newborn photo of rainbow baby
What an incredible way to celebrate a rainbow baby!
newborn photo of baby with matching scarf and head wrap

If you don’t have something in mind, that’s totally fine. We’ve got a fully stocked wardrobe of cute outfits that look amazing on any baby.

Sports Team-Themed Baby Photo Props

You could incorporate your favorite sports team, which everyone always appreciates - especially if you and your partner root for rivals! This tends to go over very well with the extended family or other close friends because it gives everyone a good laugh.

newborn photo with Cleveland Browns uniform
newborn photo with sports props

Even if you’re not a raving fan of one particular team, maybe you just really like a certain sport. If that’s the case, you could include a mini soccer ball, baseball and glove, boxing gloves, or any other sports-related props.

Newborn Photos That Include Parent Hobbies As Props

One rule as a parent: You always want to force your child to love all of the same hobbies or activities as you. Ok, maybe that’s not the best advice, but you can try and stack the deck in your favor right from the start! :)

newborn photo with hunting props
newborn photo idea with books as prop
newborn photo prop idea with antlers and hunting theme
newborn photo idea with camera props

This example is actually somewhat personal if you couldn’t tell! We worked a bunch of old cameras into our son’s newborn photos - a perfect way to incorporate my own hobby, don’t you think? Bonus: he loves these photos and thinks he’s already a photographer just like dad!

Include Your Profession In Newborn Photos

Speaking of dad*, we’ve had several parents include dad’s profession in their newborn photos. We’ve found it’s a great way to get your husband/partner as excited about the shoot as you. Seriously! Dads light up when they get to show off a few of their own talents in the photos.

For example, we’ve had woodworkers and firefighters that wanted to include elements of their profession in their child’s newborn photos. Heck, you could argue I did the same thing :)

newborn photo prop idea with firefighter outfit
newborn photo prop idea with dad's firefighter equipment
newborn picture prop idea with carpentry tools and belt

* Don’t worry - we don’t limit it to fathers! If you’re a working mom, we can definitely get your profession in the newborn session. You could also include something that ties in the baby’s grandparents if you want.

Bottom Line, You’ve Got Great Options If You Choose A Newborn Photographer Who Knows The Tricks Of The Trade.

At the end of the day, if you’re a person who doesn’t want “generic” pictures, then it’s important to have some great ideas for newborn photos. Hopefully, this list gives you a great starting point!

You’ve got all kinds of options with a newborn session, and we’d love to work with you to make it all happen! Check out our newborn photos page, and let’s get started dreaming up your session! :)