Kalei from Firelands High School in Oberlin, OH | Senior Pictures

Locations: Coffy Creations Studio, Downtown Ashland, Freer Field, Vermillion River Reservation: Mill Hollow

Kalei: Firelands High School in Oberlin, OH - Class of 2023

It always makes you feel good when another photographer recommends you to their relatives for senior pictures (or any pictures, for that matter). Kalei was actually a referral from one of Isaac’s photographer friends, so it made the session all the more special!

Kalei is a senior at Firelands High School in Oberlin, Ohio, and she literally packs a punch, as you’ll see in a moment!

A girl with many talents and an incredible smile, she exudes an air of confidence and sweet charisma, which definitely came through in the photos.

Stop #1: Coffy Creations Photography Studio, Ashland Ohio

Kalei really kicked things off right, literally!

An enthusiastic kickboxing champ, Kalei threw on her boxing gloves and showed off some of her athletic prowess with some roundhouse kicks that’d put Chuck Norris to shame. Given the limitless options we’re able to create in-studio, the CCP studio made the most sense for this part of Kalei’s senior pictures.

We even threw some Atmosphere Aerosol into the background to give the photos an extra punch (see what I did there? Hopefully you got a kick out of it! ;-D).

Kickboxing senior pictures at Coffy Creations Photography Studio in Ashland Ohio
Kickboxer posing for senior pictures at Coffy Creations
Senior pictures of Kalei wearing her boxing gloves
Kalei smiling during her senior pictures featuring kickboxing hobby
Kalei standing in an intimidating pose for her kickboxing senior pictures

Even though she looks super easygoing most of the time, she’s got a fierce competitive streak, so don’t get on her bad side!

Next Stop: Downtown Ashland

Although she was completely impressing (and frightening) us with her kickboxing techniques, we didn’t want to wear Kalei out for the rest of her senior photo session. So - on to the next stop to get some urban vibes.

Downtown Ashland actually has several great spots for senior pictures with a bit of a gritty/urban look. We took advantage of the photogenic alleyway beside Uniontown Brewing Company and a few storefront locations.

Kalei's senior picture in alley beside Uniontown Brewing Company in Ashland Ohio
Senior picture of Kalei in front of a shop window in downtown Ashland Ohio
Senior picture of Kalei sitting on a window frame in downtown Ashland Ohio
Kalei in front of storefront in downtown Ashland Ohio

We’d say she really rocked this location!

Up Next: Freer Field, Ashland Ohio

One of our favorite spots for senior pictures in Ohio is Freer Field. We shoot here often because of the incredible variety and unique looks we can create for each client.

Kalei was lucky enough to catch some of those coveted fall colors on a beautiful day! We hit up the prairie grass area and a few pine and ivy-filled hiking trails.

Senior photo of Kalei at Freer Field in Ashland Ohio
Kalei standing in long grasses at Freer field in Ashland Ohio
Senior picture of Kalei in the woods at Freer Field in Ashland Ohio
Kalei's senior pictures sitting on a log at Freer Field

Finally, We Ended Kalei’s Senior Pictures at Mill Hollow, Part of The Vermilion River Reservation in Ohio

To wrap up Kalei’s senior pictures, we ventured up to the amazing river/cliffside you can find at Mill Hollow, part of the Vermilion River Reservation in Ohio.

Not gonna lie - this spot was a blast! The cliffs provide plenty of wow-factor all by themselves, but when you add Kalei to the mix things just get that much better!

Kalei standing in riverbed during her senior pictures in Mill Hollow
Senior picture of Kalei sitting in creek at Vermilion River Reservation in Ohio
Kalei from Oberlin Ohio posing for senior pictures at Mill Hollow
Senior picture of Kalei posing in front of massive fire bush at Vermilion River Reservation in Ohio

All things considered, we love traveling around to do senior pictures anywhere in Ohio and beyond! If you’ve got a spot in your mind that’d make your senior pictures amazing, I’d love to hear your ideas.


You’re in luck - Kalei has actually come back for a few additional photoshoots we thought you’d enjoy seeing as well.

The first is a styled photoshoot we did around Halloween.

She dressed up as Jane, and she absolutely nailed the look:

Halloween photoshoot with Kalei dressed as Jane

We actually did an entire article about this shoot, so be sure to check out the Halloween photoshoot here.

The other bonus shoots were a cap and gown session, prom, and homecoming.

Be on the lookout for more info on these bonus shoots, as we plan on offering more of these for Class of ‘24 seniors and beyond!

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What Do You Think of Kalei’s Senior Pictures?

How did you like Kalei’s session? Did you have a favorite location?

Kalei certainly had a great time - here’s what she had to say:

“From the start, Isaac and his team were a pleasure to work with. From the moment we sat down and talked about what kind of photo styles we were looking for, you could tell how much he cared and wanted to make the photos perfect and skewed to you. On the shoot day, Isaac was so fun and easygoing, making the process of posing in front of a camera easy and painless. I really feel that he has captured my senior year in a way that my family and I can remember for years to come.”

Kalei, via Google Reviews

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