The 8+ Best Photo Locations in Ashland Ohio

It goes without saying that we’ve taken a lot of photos in the area. While there are many great spots, here are some of the best locations for photos in Ashland Ohio. We routinely utilize these places during photo sessions because there is plenty of variety, and everyone gets a look that’s unique.

Freer Field

If you’re from Ashland, you know that Freer Field has to be on the list. It’s an awesome location for photos because you can get woods, a creek, “prairie grass”, an open field, a barn… you get the point. There are plenty of great looks to choose from when you do a photoshoot at Freer Field, so definitely check it out!

Senior girl during senior pictures at Freer Field in Ashland Ohio
High School Senior male at Freer Field in Ashland Ohio
Senior pictures at Freer Field in Ashland, Ohio

Downtown Ashland Ohio

Another top pick for Ashland photos should be the downtown area. Whether you’re looking for something a little more “grungy”/urban, or you want to class it up with some of the newly renovated areas, you’ll be able to find a look.

A few of our favorite downtown photo locations:

Alley beside Uniontown Brewing Company.

Alley beside Uniontown Brewing Company is a great photo location in Ashland.
Downtown Ashland Photo Location: Uniontown Alley

Facades by Downtown Perk and Fig & Oak.

High school senior getting photos taken by facades in downtown Ashland, Ohio
Facades are perfect for downtown photos!

South Street (in front of Substance Church and South Street Grille)

High school senior getting photos in front of Substance Church in Ashland Ohio
South Street is one of our favorite spots for a bit of a "grungy" downtown vibe.

Foundation Plaza beside Ohio Fire.

senior pictures at foundations plaza in Ashland Ohio
Foundations Plaza is a great new photo location in Ashland!

Main Street Sidewalk. The city does a great job making this stretch look beautiful during the summer, along with the revitalization of several older buildings, and you can get some incredible photos along several different storefronts.

Ashland's Main Street sidewalk offers plenty of locations for photos.
Ashland's Main Street sidewalk offers plenty of locations for photos.

Ashland University

AU is perfect for photos if you want to utilize some of their cool buildings and structures, or if you want some photos where it’s more of a “tamed” nature look. The grounds crew does an excellent job of keeping the campus looking tastefully manicured.

Ashland University in the background of high school senior's photos.
Ashland University has several "tamed nature" looks around campus.

Audubon Wetlands Preserve

A fun, lesser-known nature area that’s perfect for photography is the Audubon Wetlands Preserve, located right down the street from McDonalds. It’s got a cool boardwalk, swamp/grasses, pavilion, and nature areas, so you’ll definitely want to check it out!

Senior pictures on the boardwalk at Audubon Wetlands Preserve in Ashland Ohio
The boardwalk at the Audubon Wetlands is perfect for outdoor portraits!

Byers Woods

Another untamed-nature area that’s grown in popularity recently because of the paved walking paths and cool scenery is Byers Woods. Located right behind the Ashland County Health Department and the Career Center, you’ll find all kinds of nature scenes for your photos. Not only do you get multiple different wooded areas, you also get a few ponds, prairie grasses, flowers, and a cool tree that looks like a monster from Star Wars or something. There’s a nice playground for kids (if you need to bribe them to behave for the photo session) and nice bathrooms for changing (if you don’t have a portable changing tent).

Pro tip: wear your hiking boots and maybe bring along a wheeled cart for outfits as some of the locations require a bit of a hike.

Senior male in front of epic fallen tree at Byers Woods during senior photo session.
Guys tend to enjoy this fallen tree at Byers Woods.
High school senior girl in wildflowers along path at Byers Woods in Ashland Ohio
Byers Woods has plenty of wildflowers and prairie grasses that offer beautiful nature backgrounds.

Grungy/Worn Down Building with a Decommissioned Railroad Car

Quick note before we describe this one: NEVER do a photoshoot on an active railroad. It is illegal and could be life-threatening.

There’s a cool spot on Miller St (by Cabinet Restylers) with a cool, worn down building and a decommissioned railroad with an old railcar that gives you an amazing background. Definitely worth checking out soon!

Senior pictures with decommissioned railroad car in the background.
An awesome way to get some "railroad" tracks without breaking the law or putting your life at risk.

Brookside West

Brookside West offers a good mix of nature and sports fields. We like taking soccer, baseball, and softball athletes to Brookside West because we can capture them in their element, and then also head over to the ponds, trees, and staircase nearby for a nature scene.

High school senior soccer player at Brookside West, a great location for sports photos in Ashland.
Soccer player at Brookside West.
Brookside West also has a nature background like this.
Nature location at Brookside West, not too far from the soccer fields.

Coffy Creations - Exclusive Photo Location Access

When you book photos with Coffy Creations, you open up exclusive access to even more great photo locations in the Ashland area.

Private-Access Photo Locations for CCP Clients

Private Lake.

Our small, family-owned cabin sits on a nice lot on a nearby lake. The grounds feature, well, the lake (no brainer), complete with a boat dock, canoe, and all the lily pads you could want. We installed a cool rope swing, and there are several other hidden gems available.

High school senior boy at CCP exclusive lake photo location.
high school senior girl flinging wet hair in CCP exclusive lake photo location.

Rustic, Private Farm.

One of our friends has given us access to their private, abandoned farmhouse property, which has so many spots for amazing photos. We’ve only started scratching the surface here, but would love to take you.

Senior girl at our rundown farm photo location in Ashland Ohio
Senior picture on rundown farmhouse porch in ashland ohio.

Upstairs of an Ashland Downtown Building.

Another exclusive photo spot we have access to is the upstairs of a downtown building. It’s a little gem that has provided several client-favorite images, and we’re sure you’d love it as well.

Dancer posing for senior pictures in upstairs of rundown downtown building in Ashland Ohio

Coffy Creations Studio.

Yet another no-brainer… CCP customers have access to our modern, stylish photography studio in downtown Ashland. Clients love the variety of looks we can accomplish, and that it’s not your typical cheesy photo studio from back in the day. When you schedule a style consult, you’ll be able to get a quick tour of the studio and get an idea of what we could create together. The possibilities are (nearly) endless!

Track athlete jumping a hurdle set up in Coffy Creations photo studio in Ashland Ohio
Track athlete jumping a hurdle at Coffy Creations Photography Studio.
Senior pictures in indoor studio photo location with stack of books.
This client was a bookworm, so we created a very studious look in-studio.

Schedule Your Photos with Coffy Creations Photography

You now have 8+ ideas for the best photo locations in Ashland, Ohio, including some that are completely unique to Coffy Creations.

Get in touch to schedule a style consultation for your next photoshoot. We’d love to help you get amazing photos, no matter what location(s) we decide on together!