Senior Pictures with Pets (Dogs, Cats, Pterodactyls, Etc)

Animals have a special place in the family, so we’re more than happy to take your senior pictures with pets included!

Even though they are cute and (maybe) cuddly at home, pets are literally their own animal, so it’s important to plan ahead to avoid derailing your session and ensure everyone has a great time.

Senior pictures with a pet snake.
Part of Addy's senior session included a pet snake.

Quick Tips to A Smooth Senior Photo Session With Pets 

After shooting senior pictures with dogs, cats, raccoons, rabbits, birds, snakes, and yes, probably the stray pterodactyl, there are several tricks we’ve discovered that help the session run smoothly.

Bring a Helping Hand

Always have another person along to handle the pet - preferably someone your pet is already familiar with so they feel comfortable and relaxed.

Cute dog with high school senior.

Familiar Territory

Have the pet arrive at the location before photos to get them acclimated to their new surroundings. This also helps them to relax and reduces skittish behavior.

High school senior with pet raccoon in ashland ohio photography studio.
The pet raccoon was definitely a first for the studio!

Keep Your Pet Happy, Engaged, and Focused

Bring treats, a favorite toy, drinking water, etc to help keep your friend refreshed and well-behaved.

A pet dog on a bridge with high school senior during her senior pictures.

Pets Are Fashionable, Too

To keep your pet looking their best, get a new, stylish leash and/or collar. This goes a long way to make sure your pet can look like they’re intentionally part of the session.

Fashionable pet dog matching owner during her senior pictures.
Matchy, matchy :)

Also, we always recommend that you find some fun accessories that tie your pet into the outfit, such as a bandana, ties, dog shirt, or bow.

Don’t Forget About Yourself

It’s easy to get caught up in thinking about the logistics for your pet - but don’t forget about yourself! Be sure to bring a lint roller along to pick up any fir that will likely get transferred to your clothes!

Let’s Start Planning Today

Get an idea better idea of what your senior session will be like when you bring along your pet! Schedule your style consultation today and we’ll talk over more specific details about you and your session.

High school senior with pet dog in grassy field.