Marcy from Ashland High School | Senior Pictures

Marcy’s senior photos showed off her love of nature, art, and creativity! Check out a short photo gallery and her senior video as well.

Marcy: Ashland High School - Class of 2023

If you’re lucky enough to know Marcy, you won’t be surprised that she rocked her senior photo experience. Her sweet, creative, and quietly-confident personality were on full display, and we had an amazing Ohio summer day perfect for senior photos!

As we were planning her senior photos, Marcy’s backgrounds of choice were: Untamed nature, urban, and studio.

Bonus - we wanted to get another rep of a senior video experience we’re hoping to offer next year, and Marcy’s session was a perfect opportunity!

Check out the video below, then see a full description and her favorite final photos.

Byers Woods, Ashland Ohio

We started the session at Byers Woods to get the untamed nature vibes Marcy wanted. Byers offers plenty of variety in regard to great-looking nature backgrounds, and today was no exception. Sunflowers were in full bloom as well as several other wildflower spots.

Marcy's senior picture in Sunflower Field at Byers Woods in Ashland Ohio
Marcy on a bridge at Byers Woods during her senior photoshoot
Marcy's senior picture with wildflowers at Byers Woods in Ashland Ohio

To show off some of her artistic side, we pulled out an easel and paint supplies to get her in her element.

Marcy painting during her senior pictures at Byers Woods
Marcy posing with art props during her senior pictures

Naturally, Marcy was having so much fun she decided to play around on the playground. Definitely a child at heart! 

Senior picture with Marcy on the playground at Byers Woods

Next Stop: Downtown Ashland, Ohio

To get some urban vibes, we headed downtown to South Street. Sadly, we did not get any food at South Street Grill, but we did get some great photos nearby!

Marcy's senior picture outside of South Street Grill in Ashland Ohio
Marcy next to a cream-colored brick wall in downtown Ashland
Marcy's downtown senior pictures outside of Uniontown Brewing Company in Ashland Ohio

The trick with downtown photos is using just the right amount of portable flash to help the subject stand out from the background - otherwise, photos can end up looking dull and boring. That said, we’re pretty sure Marcy can make any situation brighter with that awesome smile!

Finally, Back at Coffy Creations Photography Studio

To add to the artsy vibes, Marcy loved the idea of blacklight face paint in the studio. It’s always challenging to pull off, but Marcy rocked the look. It’s a fitting look for her, considering she’s likely going into an art major in college!

Senior pictures of Marcy with blacklight face paint at Coffy Creations Photography Studio
Marcy with blacklight face paint at Coffy Creations Photography in Ashland Ohio
Final senior picture of Marcy in-studio at Coffy Creations Photography in Ashland Ohio

What Do You Think?

Overall, Marcy’s session was awesome. Let’s be honest, however, you’d much rather hear what Marcy had to say about the experience:

“I walked into the studio, not knowing what to expect and nervous to pose for my pictures, to my name on a big screen and welcomed with drinks and smiles. I felt very pampered, like a model, getting my hair and makeup done and they were all hyping me up the whole time. Posing felt so natural and comfortable with Coffy and his team and the photos turned out lovely. Coffy even included a free video that his team was testing the waters in and continues to offer differing things and deals. I am very happy with all I have gotten out of the experience. Such an inviting team that wants the best outcome for you no matter what they have to do for it!”

  • Marcy (via Google Reviews)

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