Bryce from Ashland High School | Senior Pictures

Locations: Downtown Ashland Ohio, Covered Bridge at Mohican State Park

Bryce: Ashland High School - Class of 2023

We love it when guys like Bryce come in for senior photos.

When we first met, he mentioned he wasn’t excited about getting his photos taken because he’s a bit of an introvert and he was basically only getting senior pictures because his mom wanted them to be nice.

Challenge accepted!

Once we started talking through what the session could look like, and how we were going to incorporate his hobbies, Bryce perked up and was actually looking forward to his senior photos.

On the day of his session, Bryce (who originally thought he’d hate senior pictures) got into the session and started acting like a natural model. He even started sharing ideas of his own as we went along!

Starting In Downtown Ashland, Ohio

Bryce wanted photos that’d have a little bit of a grit or edge to them, so starting downtown seemed like a no-brainer. We started off in a few alleyways with a variety of building structures as backgrounds. He was even lucky enough to visit the old, beat-up diner that has since been demolished.

Senior picture of Bryce standing in front of building in downtown ashland ohio
Bryce posing for senior pictures on downtown stairs
Bryce smiling and sitting on a bridge guardrail in downtown Ashland Ohio
Bryce posing for senior pictures in front of an abandoned diner in downtown Ashland Ohio
Bryce squatting in front of run-down diner in downtown ashland ohio
Bryce's senior picture standing in front of a city wall
Senior picture of Bryce sitting in front of a metal building in downtown Ashland Ohio

Bryce has enjoyed playing soccer during high school and thought it would be cool to work in this passion while we were downtown.

Bryce posing with a soccer ball under his foot in an alley in downtown Ashland
Senior picture of Bryce tossing a soccer ball in downtown Ashland alley

Finishing Bryce’s Senior Photos at the Covered Bridge in Mohican State Park - Feat. Bryce’s Car

Mohican State Park obviously has plenty of spots that are great for photos. We parked by the covered bridge so we could utilize it as a prop (more on that below), but there's a nice hiking trial right there to get in some cool nature and woodsy senior pictures.

Senior picture of Bryce squatting in a creek bed in Mohican State Park in Ohio
Bryce posing for senior pictures beside a large boulder in Mohican State Park
Bryce leaning against a large boulder during his senior pictures in Mohican State Park
Bryce standing in a large rock crevice in mohican state park
Senior picture of Bryce sitting in front of a large rock formation at Mohican State Park

Finally, we wrapped up Bryce’s senior pictures with the love of his life (up to this point): his car.

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but Bryce’s main hobby is working on his wheels, and they really looked great in this location!

Did we have to keep pausing to let cars through? Yes.

Did we have to dodge a few tourists? Of course.

Was it worth it? Absolutely!

Senior picture of Bryce kneeling in front of his car with the Mohican covered bridge in the background
Bryce leaning against his VW during his senior pictures at the covered bridge in Mohican State Park
Bryce sitting on the hood of his car with Mohican State Park's covered bridge in the background
Bryce posing with his car for Senior Pictures at the Mohican State Park Covered Bridge
Bryce sitting on his car under the covered bridge at Mohican State Park

What Do You Think of Bryce's Senior Pictures?

Overall, we hope you really liked Bryce’s senior pictures, both downtown Ashland and Mohican State Park. But, let’s let Bryce and Lisa (Bryce’s mom) share their own opinions:

“Could not have imagined what a pleasant process senior pictures could be until I met with Isaac. The whole experience was so much fun, and he really takes the time to understand who he's working with and caters the session to them. Can not recommend him enough!” - Bryce
“Isaac is a rock star! My son is a bit of an introvert and Isaac was the one photographer that could bring him out of his shell and create fantastic photos for his senior photo session. No request was too big. I'm convinced he can turn any blank slate into a fantastic backdrop. His casual vibe is perfect for making you feel comfortable & not in the spotlight which makes for perfect photos. It was a great experience that resulted in amazing photos.” - Lisa (Bryce’s Mom)

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