Lilah | 1-Year-Old Pictures With A Cake Smash | Ashland OH

These 1-Year pictures of Lilah are such a treat, complete with a smash cake! Enjoy their favorite photos from the session.

Lilah: 1-Year and Cake Smash Pictures - Ashland Ohio

What do you get when you match a bubbly personality, a smash cake, and a one-year-old together?

An adorable 1-year/cake smash photoshoot, obviously! 🙂

Cute 1-year-old pictures with smash cake

This birthday girl is in good company!

What makes this shoot particularly exciting is that Jennifer has actually been working with Lilah’s family for each one of her three siblings’ newborn and children’s photos.

Each session has been a blast for everyone, so Lilah’s got some fairly high standards to live up to! She already stole the show during her newborn session last year, and we think she’s nailed this session as well!

Lilah’s contagious personality is going to take her places

The photos below will give you a quick glimpse into Lilah’s already incredible personality. On top of being completely enthralled with the set Jennifer pulled together, she just gives off a super bubbly vibe and has a massive smile that just melts your heart!

Lilah sitting in chair with translucent background

Also - can we talk about those dimples?!

Cute photo of 1-year-old with dimples during photoshoot

Watch out, boys, this girl means business!

Cute girl with translucent background and bubbles

Finally, let’s get to those 1-year/cake smash pictures!

Okay, okay! You’re here to see the photos!

Lilah really loved the outfit - you can tell she’s going to care a lot about fashion later in life (sorry, dad!).

Everything from the clothes, the wand, the headpiece, you name it, is part of our huge selection of props from our style closet collection. So if something catches your eye, well, the entire wardrobe and stash of props is available to you as well if you’ve got a new child at home!

Here’s the photo gallery of Lilah’s 1-year/Cake Smash photo session:

1 year picture of girl with cute birthday hat and translucent background
Cute birthday girl sitting in a chair wearing a hat and holding a wand
Smiling 1-year birthday photos with translucent background and bubbles
1 year old birthday girl with smash cake during photoshoot
One year old girl biting into smash cake on her birthday
1-year-old birthday photo of girl with smash cake all over her face
Picture of girl eating her first-year birthday cake
Photo of girl smiling after tasting her one year old birthday smash cake

What Do You Think?

Overall, Lilah’s 1-year and cake-smash session was awesome, and her family will appreciate having these memories to look back on for the rest of her life (and beyond!). We can’t wait to see where life takes this little one!

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