Senior Pictures with Cars and Trucks

See how to enhance your senior photos with a car, truck, or other vehicles, with plenty of examples and tips!

Over the years, we've had numerous clients do their senior pictures with cars and trucks - so we figured you might want to see examples and get some ideas about how we can get creative with your wheels!

But before we get into too many examples - a few things to keep in mind as you’re considering including a car into your senior pictures.

  1. You don’t have to have an incredible car. As you’ll see below, you can include any type of car into your senior session. If you’re excited about it - then let’s include it!
  2. Don’t sweat it if you don’t have a car or truck of your own. There’s a chance we might be able to find someone that would be willing to get you in an amazing vehicle during your senior pictures.
  3. You’ll want your wardrobe to match the vibe and/or color of the car. For example, a truck can have a little more grungy or country feel, so your clothes can reflect that style. On the other hand, a nice car can have more of a dressed-up/fancy appeal. A muscle car can incorporate just about any type of clothes, but looks best with something classy or sporty.
senior picture of guy and dog with a Ford Mustang

How To Prep Your Truck or Car for Senior Pictures

Of course, you’ll want your ride to look its best, no matter the type of car or truck you want in your senior pictures. There are a few simple tricks you can pull off to make sure your car enhances your photos and does not distract people.

  1. Give it a bath. Obviously, a no brainer. Give your car a good wash before the shoot so it’s looking slick and shiny in your photos. Bonus points if you can wax it down as well!
  2. Detail/wipe off the dashboard and interior. Try and get any visible dust removed beforehand so the interior of your car is looking tidy and well-maintained. We recommend these detailing wipes, as they’ll provide an extra protective layer and shine to your interior, which will keep your car from looking “dull” in your senior pictures.
  3. Shine those wheels. One easy way to increase the cool-factor of your car is to give your wheels a nice sheen. Our favorite way to accomplish this is with Tire Shine by ArmorAll. Bring that stuff along and spray it on your tires a few minutes before the shoot! It’s one of the best ways to give your car that extra wow factor in photos.
  4. Bring some cleaning supplies. Things like window spray, paper towels, and these wash wipes can go a long way in making the car look its best when we’re out on your shoot and don’t have a hose. A scrub brush can help get rid of loose dirt on tires. The tire shine is also good to bring along, just in case the shine wears off on the road.

If your truck is more of a mudding truck, then all of those cleaning tips and supplies can clearly go out the window!

Ideas for Senior Pictures with Cars

Alright - enough of the boring stuff - let’s get onto some actual examples and ideas for senior pictures with cars! What better way to do this than through actual photos, so you can get an idea of what your shoot could look like in the end.

High school senior with Corvette
High school senior leaning on her mini cooper car
Photo of a high school senior girl with a classic car
Senior Guy posing in front of Dodge Challenger during his senior photo session
High school senior girl posing with yellow VW Beatle car
Senior photo with classic old car
Senior photo at car show with historic cars
Senior picture of stylish high school boy and his car
70s themed senior photo with 70s-era car
High school senior with new mini cooper
high school senior boy learning back against a Ford Mustang
High school senior photoshoot at old car garage and amazing restored historic cars

Ideas for Senior Pictures with Trucks and SUVs

Same idea here - let’s just look at some examples of senior pictures with trucks and/or SUVs, so you can get an idea of what you want to accomplish.

Picture of high school senior girl posing with her truck
Photo of high school senior in her Jeep Wrangler
Dog with high school senior in an orange Jeep Wrangler
High school senior with historic truck

Ideas for Senior Pictures with Space Ships

Unfortunately, we don’t have any examples of our own yet. But we’d love to.

In fact, we’d be happy to incorporate your vehicle of any type into your senior pictures - whatever it is! Boats, hot air balloons, motorcycles, helicopters, race cars, tractors, buggies - you name it, we’d love to help make it happen!

High school senior posing on a race car
High school senior with horse and buggy in the background of her senior photos

Mention Your Car, Truck or Space Ship During Your Style Consult.

There’s a ton of variety we can pull off - so if you had something in mind that’s different from what you saw in the ideas above, that’s great! We’d love to brainstorm new ideas for incorporating your car or truck into your senior pictures, so make sure you bring it up during your free style consultation. We’ll deep dive into your personality, your style, and talk through all details about your session.