Tips For Musicians or Music Lovers Who Want Senior Pictures with Instruments

It’s always fun incorporating passions and hobbies into your senior pictures! Here are a few ideas to help you rock your session with (or without) an instrument.

Before we even get into the tips for senior pictures with instruments for you musicians or music lovers, it’s important that you understand one thing: we actively avoid anything that feels cheesy, awkward, or too “posed” (like the photo [we did not take] below).

The awkward photos with instruments you know you were picturing in your mind...

The tips below are geared toward people who want to have fun photos that they’ll actually enjoy for a lifetime, which means these are ideas that will hopefully get you excited about your senior photo  session.

Tip #1: You don’t have to feel basic.

A key component of musicianship is performance. Whether that’s classical or a rock show, anytime you’re putting yourself out there with your instrument, you’re doing it for the benefit and enjoyment of your audience.

The same thing applies when you’re talking about including instruments in your senior pictures. We want these to have an element of excitement and get people jazzed about what they’re seeing.

high school senior with trombone on a dimly lit stage
high school senior girl breaking through a drum ring
We used an old drum ring to create this really unique photo as a subtle way to incorporate Leona's love of playing drums.

Basically - we can throw basic out the window.

Even if it’s just you and your instrument in your senior photos, we’ll guide you through elements of showmanship so you’ll turn your photos into something eye-catching.

senior boy playing drums with water bouncing
Drums in senior pictures are fun - especially when we think a little outside of the box to create something with a little more flare.

The cool thing is - it doesn’t have to be all about your instrument! For instance, we’ve taken sheet music and thrown it through the air or scattered it in water for that little “extra” touch that separates you from the pack.

senior pictures with a girl holding a banjo with sheet music flying everywhere

Tip #2: Environment can make things more epic.

One thing that can really enhance your music photos is the environment/location. It can look so awesome to get you in a theater, on a stage, or in a performance hall. Locations like this add an extra layer of detail that make your senior photos even more memorable and engaging to anyone who sees them.

high schooler playing trombone on dimly lit stage
girl holding a trombone in concert hall during senior pictures
guy during senior picture with piano in concert hall

If a concert hall isn’t your style, no problem! If your instrument is more portable, we can head out to an outdoor nature area, someplace urban, or even a lake. These settings make a great environment for senior pictures with acoustic instruments, and urban looks unlock even more potential.

girl playing violin outdoors during senior pictures with instruments
This garden scene was the perfect setting for senior pictures with instruments, and the violin was an outstanding choice!
high school senior picture with girl holding her guitar, sitting on a cart in a nature area.
girl in high school senior pictures with violin and sheet music scattered in water and dock

Tip #3: Band outfit/uniform… or not?

It can be really fun to include your band outfit in your photos! It can be a great way to commemorate special memories you’ve made through the years.

high school senior wearing band uniform and holding her trumpet
high school senior picture with instrument, music, and band uniform

However, you can also opt not to wear a uniform if you’d like to be a little more subtle. For instance, we could go to the football field you marched on and get you in regular clothes. Or, we could even get you in-studio with your band instrument without the uniform.

senior pictures with marching drums in photography studio
high school senior girl standing on football field and holding her band hat

Essentially, you have options, so don’t feel like you have to do things the “traditional” way. In fact, we’re more than willing to break some norms to help you get something totally unique!

Tip #4: You may not even know how to play the instrument!

Oddly enough, you can get some incredible music-related senior pictures without using any instruments! For example, check out the photos below. Both clients love listening to music, even if they don’t know how to play anything. One we took to a record shop and got some really cool photos.  With the other, we grabbed some studio headphones to create some out-of-the-box images in-studio that tie in her love for music.

high school senior girl in a record store
high school senior with music headphones in photography studio

In another example - one of our clients incorporated her late brother’s banjo into her photos as a special way to remember him and his hobbies.

high school girl taking senior pictures with a banjo

Schedule your senior photos with instruments today!

We love a good challenge, and always love coming up with new ideas for senior pictures with instruments, so musicians or music lovers can have the best experience possible.

If you want some next-level photos that are tied to your fondness of music, let’s hear your ideas!

Schedule your style consult today, and we’ll plan out how to incorporate music into your session.