It’s the best year of your life…

Why not mark this moment in time with an EXPERIENCE you won’t ever forget – and prints that will bring you right back to it year, no matter how long it’s been.


Your senior photo session should consist of more than someone with a good camera taking your photo. You want the images to capture YOU AT YOUR BEST. That not only means looking your best. It also means taking images that represent WHO YOU ARE at this formative time in your life. Your sports, hobbies, interests, style – you know, THE REAL YOU.


That’s what we do, and that’s what sets us apart from other photographers. Your Senior Photo Experience will capture YOU and make you the star of a photo session you’ll never forget. The capstone of your senior year. You deserve it!

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1. The Style Consult

This is where we sit down together and get to know you. We’ll learn your story, what makes you unique, what you’re interested in, and then plan the nitty-gritty details of your shoot – like makeup, hair, outfits, locations and more.

coffy creations, senior, portrait, photo, experience, ashland, ohio

2. The Shoot

On the day of your shoot, we’ll meet at our professional studio where you’ll have your hair and makeup done by professionals (if you choose to include these services in your senior photo experience).
Then, we’ll head out to your pre-planned shoot locations with your entourage in tow. You can invite along anyone you’d like. Your mom, friends, gram – it’s up to you.
We may even take over our Instagram story (another session option), so be ready to ham it up in some fun behind-the-scenes pics!

3. The Reveal Party

Once your shoot is over, your Senior Photo Experience continues. We won’t just hand you a bunch of negatives and send you on your way.
You’ll come to the studio where you’ll see every image up on our 120″ screen, and just enjoy the experience of reliving your photo shoot day and seeing your pics.
Together with your family, you’ll narrow down the selection of images (don’t worry, we have professional insider techniques to help you whittle down the options), and give you an idea of what your favorite photo will look like hanging in your home.

coffy creations, senior, portrait, photo, experience, ashland, ohio

After all, you’ll want to enjoy looking at these pictures forever. That’s why we’ve invested in software that lets you see what a group of pictures will look like hanging on your wall, as the centerpiece over your fireplace, or wherever you want to showcase the prints.
We help you every step of the way. With the benefit of our expertise and professional tools, you’ll invest in prints and products that will help you instantly return to this special time in your life, every time you pick up your photo album, glance at the wall canvas, or handle a print.