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Stopping Time With Senior Portraits

Before your child walks across the stage to receive that high school diploma, it’s important to value this time in life before the chaos of college, finding a job, and the impending weight of adulthood set in. Capture how far your child has come and celebrate the new journey ahead with professional senior portraits.

Being a parent means embracing your child for who they really are. You’ve taken part in the silly memories from the younger years, organized the “first day of school” pictures, and wiped a tear from your eye the moments before prom.

But now, the time has come to book your child’s senior portrait session. This precious year in your child’s life shows how they’ve grown into a young adult and the empowerment you’ve given them to strive forward.

Why choose a professional for your child’s senior portraits?

The answer is simple.

Before the cap and gown are put on, before you help unpack on college move-in weekend, and before the future unfolds, this moment, right now, should be kept (and displayed) forever with excellence.

Stop Time and Embrace Your Senior With Professional Photography

There’s no experience like senior year. Movies base story lines around it, while musicians write songs about their own crazy, beautiful “last hoorah.”

So, why not capture your child’s own, once in a lifetime, senior experience? No matter if your child participates in athletics, band, or is a fashionista, there are a thousand ways to let their personality shine through.

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Capturing What Matters, Professionally

We all have a story. The pages are still being written for your senior. The beautiful scenery in and around Ashland County makes perfect for a photography session any time of the year.

Here are a few ways a senior portrait experience can be tailored to show who your child is right now:

  1. A favorite place to hang out
  2. Hobbies and passions
  3. Sports and/or band
  4. Style

Let’s cut to the chase, you’ve raised an individualistic human being. Investing in a professional senior portrait experience means you’re not sacrificing who they really.

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Don’t Miss Out with Poor Quality

There’s no avoiding it, the world we live in runs on smartphones and the need to share now. This has caused people to shy away from quality images and opting for the instant gratification of showing the world what’s taking place.

But choosing this route for senior portraits takes away from the uniqueness that a professional photographer can capture.

Ashland Ohio Senior Photographer Coffy Creations Winter

3 Benefits of Working with a Professional Photographer

  1. Technical skills. The little things make the biggest differences. Having the right lighting equipment, knowing how to work with the weather, and of course getting the shots at the best angles!
  1. Showing off the real you. Taking the time to sit down and talk with each senior is key to planning a flawless senior portrait shoot. Each planning session is designed to understand your senior inside and out. What makes your child smile and feel inspired are brought to life with professionalism.

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  1. Experience. Long story short, professionals know what works and what isn’t so flattering on camera. There’s so much more involved than clicking a button. There’s strategy, execution, and beautiful senior portraits to develop!
  1. Diversity. Choosing to work with a professional photographer also means you’ll have more access to how your senior photos are developed. From the treasured wallet-sized pictures all the way to canvases or wooden pallets, you get the perfect memory to keep forever.

Skimping on senior portraits often leads to missing traits your senior has that makes them so special. Professional photography enriches every dimple, freckle, and smile that cheaper options miss out on.

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Treasure This Time Long After It’s Gone

This moment in your child’s life will come and go, so seize the opportunity to hold on to it for what it really is. Each milestone doubles as a stepping-stone for who we become. Working with a professional photographer creates a senior portrait experience your child will always remember and gives you a masterpiece to keep close to your heart.

Don’t risk losing your senior’s personality with cost-effective photography options like a smartphone or the camera at home. With high-quality equipment and a professional strategy in place, everything that makes this year THE year will remain timeless.

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9 Great Photo Spots In Ashland Ohio

The KEY to capturing a great photograph is all about location and background. Over the past 4 years, I’ve shot in hundreds of great locations all over the country. In this list, I want to share with you 9 great locations throughout Ashland, OH that make for some of the best backgrounds our little town has to offer. The next time you’re out on a stroll or just looking to take some fun family snapshots, consider some of these local spots.

1. Brookside West

Brookside West Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations

Brookside West Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations

Brookside West Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations

Brookside West is a fun, adventurous spot to take pictures, play with your kids, play sports, and to just enjoy the gorgeous view! There are so many beautiful spots as shown in these examples. From the bridges to the pond, there are some really great spots I’ve found while capturing senior portraits!

You can get such a great mix of backgrounds at Brookside West – it’s truly a gem. I’ve done entire senior sessions at the park and never ran out of unique backgrounds.

2. Brookside East Creek

Brookside East Creek Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations
Brookside East Creek Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations

Brookside East Creek was discovered by one of my seniors and I am absolutely ecstatic about it! The colors, texture, and bridges we found are great for a perfect picture! During the Fall, those colors are to die for! So, if you’re willing to get your feet wet, definitely check this one out the next time you’re down at the Brookside East Park.

3. Downtown Perk

Downtown Perk Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations Coffee Shop

Downtown Perk Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations Coffee Shop

Downtown Perk Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations Coffee Shop

Downtown Perk Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations Coffee Shop

Now if my last name doesn’t say it already, I love Coffy…I mean coffee 😉

With permission, I’ve taken some seniors and even engaged couples into Downtown Perk some super fun images! The main dining area is decorated sort of “50s retro” and they’ve got a really cool back room that makes for a nice shooting space.

Just remember, if Downtown Perk allows you to shoot in their store, be sure to buy lots of coffee and support this wonderful local business!

4. Ashland University

Ashland University Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations

Ashland University Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations

Ashland University built their brand new Jack Miller Stadium in 2009 and it was definitely a great addition to the city! I love shooting under the grandstands and around the grounds. The structures make for some great leading lines.

The campus itself is very nice with the different buildings and landscaping! The possibilities are endless.

5. Mitchell’s Orchard

Mitchell's Orchard Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations

Mitchell's Orchard Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations

Here’s another local business that makes for great location – Mitchell’s Orchard. With rows of apple trees, grape vines, stacks of crates, and more, Mitchell’s Orchard is a win when it comes to capturing some very nice portraits on not-so-typical backgrounds.

You’ll have to get permission if you want to use this location, but the owners are really nice and friendly. Be sure to stop in the little store and grab a tasty snack or beverage to help keep amazing businesses like this one around.

Mitchell’s Orchard Facebook

6. Trinity Lutheran

Trinity Lutheran Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations

Trinity Lutheran Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations

Trinity Lutheran Church was built off of an old mansion – cool right?! Behind the mansion sits a gorgeous, little rose garden. It’s definitely a hidden gem! With permission, be sure to check this one out!

7. Pump House

Pump House Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations

Pump House Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations

What’s not to love about some rubble? Pump House is currently in the process of demolition on some of their buildings and basically created the coolest background around!

With permission, I’ve shot around the buildings and gotten some really cool textures. It’ll be a shame to this “beautiful” rubble taken away!

8. Downtown Ashland

clothes minded boutique ashland ohio coffy creations photography

Downtown Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations

Downtown Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations

Downtown Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations

juliana bridal ashland ohio coffy creations photography

Often overlooked, our downtown has so many great spots! From alleyways to Main Street, you’re bound to find some great backgrounds. A personal favorite spot of mine is in front of some of the storefronts like Clothes Minded BoutiqueJuliana Bridal, and the Uniontown Brewing Co. building.

Downtown is constantly changing. Make the most of our wonderful downtown and find those hidden spots – there are tons of them!

9. Coffy Creations Studio

Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations Studio

Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations Studio

Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations Studio

Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations Studio

Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations Studio

Shameless plug! I want to break the mindset that studio portraits are bland and boring. Check out some of these images I captured from recent senior sessions in our one-of-a-kind studio.

The studio is located in downtown Ashland. I love capturing fashion/contemporary style images with the brick and gray backgrounds.

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[BONUS] Secret Location

Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations

Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations

Ashland Ohio Coffy Creations

Okay…that’s not very nice of me to keep this place secret, but you can see why! Tall grass, trees, and seclusion sitting on about 10 acres of land. This place has it all and is an absolute favorite of mine.

If you booked Coffy Creations for senior portraits, this is one of the amazing spots we’ll make available for you depending on what kind of shoot you’re looking for.

Do you know of some great locations I didn’t list above? Leave a comment below and tell me! Maybe I’ll use it in the next shoot 😉

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Preferred Wedding Vendors

Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity to work with some great wedding vendors. As you search for the many different vendors to make your day great, I wanted to give you a little edge and refer you to a couple of my favorites. I will update this list when needed and stay tuned for special feature blog posts on each vendor.


Annette’s Victorian Garden

Florist |


Floral Garden Florist

Florist |


hitman Entertainment

Disc Jockey |


Creations booth

Photo Booth |

** Book the Creations Booth with one of our wedding collections and receive 10% off your photo booth package


Pumphouse Grille

Venue / Caterer |


Ashland University

Venue / Caterer |


Creative Chateau

Venue |


Prospering Life Events

Wedding Planner |


Prestige Event Rental

Rentals |


Juliana Bridal

Dresses and Tuxedos |


Kuhn’s Bridal

Dresses and Tuxedos |


CiGi Cakes

Cakes | 


Fox Limousine

Transport |


Are you a wedding vendor that I have worked with? Shoot me an email!

Questions to ask your wedding photographer

9 Questions For Your Wedding Photographer

The time as finally come – you are ready to pick your wedding photographer! Such an exciting time; however, as cameras become more and more affordable, there are photographers popping up all over the place claiming to be professionals – then making it harder to find the best one for you.

DISCLAIMER: As you read this article, keep in mind I am merely suggesting some of the most important things to bring up in conversation with your photographer. There’s much more to discuss with your photographer that we would be more than happy to discuss with you!

1) Experience

This one is of utmost importance and that is why I wanted to make it number 1 on the list. While you may stumble across some talented photographers in your search, it is very important that they have some experience in wedding photography. Your wedding day is very important and having a photographer that understands the flow and will be able to take charge when needed will allow you to enjoy your day as you should.

THINGS TO ASK: How long have you been doing wedding photography? How many weddings?

2) Do you have a contract?

Contracts are so important! If your photographer does not have a contract, there is nothing legally binding them to uphold their end of the deal. They should have a contract laying out price, schedule, location, etc.

3) What happens if you get sick on my wedding day?

This one is pretty obvious. Does your photographer have someone in place in case they cannot show up? Nothing sucks more than having a wedding and no one to capture it…unless of course you do not mind an entire wedding album of filtered Instagram photos.

wedding prayer

4) Do you carry back up equipment?

Hiring a photographer that does not carry back up equipment is like a skydiver that does not have an emergency parachute release. Well, maybe it is not as life-or-death, but it is just as important! Nothing is worse that you be in the middle of pictures right before the ceremony and the photographer says, “Oh crap! My camera stopped working. Looks like I cannot finish your wedding. Have a good honeymoon!”

5) Do you have insurance?

Now insurance is a little like the back up equipment; it is more of a necessary precaution for both you and the photographer. You can be at ease that if one of your guests (for whatever reason) breaks or steals the photographer’s equipment, you will not be liable for replacement. And it covers the photographer if their equipment (for whatever reason) were to hurt one of your guests or you, insurance will cover the hospital bills.

6) Will you be working with an assistant?

I personally have found that working with an assistant allows me to take a little edge off the technicals and focus more on the creative aspect. Although this is not a necessity, it typically means the photographer will be able to focus on what is most important.

beautiful wedding cake7) Are there any local wedding vendors you would recommend?

If you have not booked everything you need for your wedding (cake, DJ, venue, etc.), ask the photographer if they would recommend anyone. Having shot so many weddings, I have worked with a very large number of vendors. If you want recommendations, I can tell you who I would recommend and, also, who I wouldn’t. See if your photographer has a “Preferred Vendors” list they can share with you.

Check out my Preferred Vendor List.

8) Do you retouch my images?

This one is important because there are photographers out there that just deliver your images straight out of camera and, on the opposite side, there are photographers that edit your photos beyond humanly natural. Now, if you enjoy either of those styles, that is completely fine, but it is important to know what to expect. Look through the photographer’s portfolio and see if you can find consistency with their editing style.

9) How soon will I get my images?

Your photographer (if they have experience) should have a general idea of how long it takes to deliver your wedding images. I tell my clients it takes about 6 weeks to deliver the final images on a USB and publish their premium online gallery.


So there it is: 9 questions you should ask your wedding photographer. These are some of the questions I believe are most important to discuss. Do not be afraid to be completely open about your expectations and hesitations. Wedding photographers are here to serve you and make your wedding day spectacular. Do not waste time on photographers that cannot answer these questions honestly.

If you enjoyed this article, please leave a comment below and let me know!