Lizzy's Cap & Gown Graduation Photo

Ohio High School Seniors Graduate In Style

We may be a little biased – but these high school seniors pulled off some incredible graduation photos, don’t you think?

Facing the prospect of virtual graduations, and potentially no ceremony at all, we thought these seniors deserved to have an opportunity to bring some closure to their final year in high school. Obviously they needed to have some Cap & Gown photos – with a bit of a twist!

Instead of generic grad photos, we wanted these kids to have a chance to really love how they look – which can be challenging with unflattering graduation gowns! Thankfully, everyone was more than ok with going along with a few creative variations, and they ended up with some really incredible work.

We have so many good photos, but figured we’d share each senior’s favorite graduation photo* here:

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Aren’t they great?!

We’re so proud of you seniors and all of the work you put in to make your senior year something to remember, even if COVID-19 cut short a majority of the final semester. Thanks for having us be a part of your senior year, and we look forward to seeing how you’ll impact the world.

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Stopping Time With Senior Portraits

Before your child walks across the stage to receive that high school diploma, it’s important to value this time in life before the chaos of college, finding a job, and the impending weight of adulthood set in. Capture how far your child has come and celebrate the new journey ahead with professional senior portraits.

Being a parent means embracing your child for who they really are. You’ve taken part in the silly memories from the younger years, organized the “first day of school” pictures, and wiped a tear from your eye the moments before prom.

But now, the time has come to book your child’s senior portrait session. This precious year in your child’s life shows how they’ve grown into a young adult and the empowerment you’ve given them to strive forward.

Why choose a professional for your child’s senior portraits?

The answer is simple.

Before the cap and gown are put on, before you help unpack on college move-in weekend, and before the future unfolds, this moment, right now, should be kept (and displayed) forever with excellence.

Stop Time and Embrace Your Senior With Professional Photography

There’s no experience like senior year. Movies base story lines around it, while musicians write songs about their own crazy, beautiful “last hoorah.”

So, why not capture your child’s own, once in a lifetime, senior experience? No matter if your child participates in athletics, band, or is a fashionista, there are a thousand ways to let their personality shine through.

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Capturing What Matters, Professionally

We all have a story. The pages are still being written for your senior. The beautiful scenery in and around Ashland County makes perfect for a photography session any time of the year.

Here are a few ways a senior portrait experience can be tailored to show who your child is right now:

  1. A favorite place to hang out
  2. Hobbies and passions
  3. Sports and/or band
  4. Style

Let’s cut to the chase, you’ve raised an individualistic human being. Investing in a professional senior portrait experience means you’re not sacrificing who they really.

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Don’t Miss Out with Poor Quality

There’s no avoiding it, the world we live in runs on smartphones and the need to share now. This has caused people to shy away from quality images and opting for the instant gratification of showing the world what’s taking place.

But choosing this route for senior portraits takes away from the uniqueness that a professional photographer can capture.

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3 Benefits of Working with a Professional Photographer

  1. Technical skills. The little things make the biggest differences. Having the right lighting equipment, knowing how to work with the weather, and of course getting the shots at the best angles!
  1. Showing off the real you. Taking the time to sit down and talk with each senior is key to planning a flawless senior portrait shoot. Each planning session is designed to understand your senior inside and out. What makes your child smile and feel inspired are brought to life with professionalism.

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  1. Experience. Long story short, professionals know what works and what isn’t so flattering on camera. There’s so much more involved than clicking a button. There’s strategy, execution, and beautiful senior portraits to develop!
  1. Diversity. Choosing to work with a professional photographer also means you’ll have more access to how your senior photos are developed. From the treasured wallet-sized pictures all the way to canvases or wooden pallets, you get the perfect memory to keep forever.

Skimping on senior portraits often leads to missing traits your senior has that makes them so special. Professional photography enriches every dimple, freckle, and smile that cheaper options miss out on.

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Treasure This Time Long After It’s Gone

This moment in your child’s life will come and go, so seize the opportunity to hold on to it for what it really is. Each milestone doubles as a stepping-stone for who we become. Working with a professional photographer creates a senior portrait experience your child will always remember and gives you a masterpiece to keep close to your heart.

Don’t risk losing your senior’s personality with cost-effective photography options like a smartphone or the camera at home. With high-quality equipment and a professional strategy in place, everything that makes this year THE year will remain timeless.

Sarah Walker | Class of 2017 | Ashland High School Senior

Sarah is such a lovely girl! She wanted a very natural feeling senior session with a classy vibe. Sarah is super involved in the Cleveland Contemporary Youth Orchestra and gives music lessons throughout the week – wow. It’s so inspiring to see someone with such a passion following her dream and constantly working to be the best.

For Sarah’s session, we traveled around Ashland, OH to capture some beautiful fall colors. Twice during the session, we brought out Sarah’s Shiba Inus, Lucy and Thor – gorgeous little dogs! Lucy would sit all proper while Thor would just try to escape.

All in all, we had such a blast working with Sarah during her senior experience!

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senior, portraits, ashland, ohio, photographer

Shiba Inu, senior, portraits, ashland, ohio, photographer

senior, portraits, ashland, ohio, photographer

senior, portraits, ashland, ohio, photographer, viola

senior, portraits, ashland, ohio, photographer, viola

senior, portraits, ashland, ohio, photographer, coffy creations, viola

senior, portraits, ashland, ohio, photographer, coffy creations, viola, music

senior, portraits, ashland, ohio, photographer, viola

senior, portraits, ashland, ohio, photographer, coffy creations

senior, portraits, ashland, ohio, photographer, coffy creations, Shiba Inu, dogs