Lizzy's Cap & Gown Graduation Photo

Ohio High School Seniors Graduate In Style

We may be a little biased – but these high school seniors pulled off some incredible graduation photos, don’t you think?

Facing the prospect of virtual graduations, and potentially no ceremony at all, we thought these seniors deserved to have an opportunity to bring some closure to their final year in high school. Obviously they needed to have some Cap & Gown photos – with a bit of a twist!

Instead of generic grad photos, we wanted these kids to have a chance to really love how they look – which can be challenging with unflattering graduation gowns! Thankfully, everyone was more than ok with going along with a few creative variations, and they ended up with some really incredible work.

We have so many good photos, but figured we’d share each senior’s favorite graduation photo* here:

 * click the photo to see full-width


Aren’t they great?!

We’re so proud of you seniors and all of the work you put in to make your senior year something to remember, even if COVID-19 cut short a majority of the final semester. Thanks for having us be a part of your senior year, and we look forward to seeing how you’ll impact the world.

Grace's Prom Photo by Coffy Creations Photography, Ashland Ohio

Classy Prom Photos Give High Schoolers Something Positive to Look Back On

2020 Prom may or may not be happening because of COVID-19, but these prom photos gave our area high schoolers a reason to dress up anyway.

Many juniors and seniors were really on the ball and had already purchased some really incredible dresses before COVID-19 hit, so why not give them a chance to fancy up and show them off?

Bonus – they now have super classy prom photos to look back on!

Before we show you some of the amazing pictures from the prom sessions, we just want to say thank you to our local schools, parents, and kids who came together with such great attitudes to make the end of this school year meaningful. In the face of the negativity, you showed up and made the most of the situation, even if it was tough!

OK, finally, here’s a quick gallery* from the prom photo mini sessions for you to enjoy!

* Be sure to click on the thumbnail to see the full-length prom photo:


What do you think, should we do this again next year, even if there isn’t the threat of a pandemic canceling prom?

We had a lot of fun, so if there’s enough interest we’ll probably open these up again next year! Just give this a thumbs up, share with someone in the class of 2021 or 2022, and be sure to tag us so we get the notification!